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Trading system automation

FiboLab specializes in the development of custom software (Expert Advisors, Indicators, Scripts), automate manual trading systems on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. Labs will help you bring Your ideas into a mechanical trading system (MTS), indicator or other software that can help you in increasing success level of trading.

Converting Manual trading strategy to Automated (automated forex trading system via expert adviser, semiautomatic tool, scripts, etc.) allows you:

  • easily find trading signals;
  • free time from monitoring (watching) charts for managing deals;
  • decreases stress level and removes “human factor”;
  • makes easier risk and money management;
  • allows easily and quickly test and modify strategy.

Order custom development

Order Custom development of trading system EA, indicator, script

To Order development send us via e-mail document with details of required software:

  • List of tasks and requirements (signals, alerts, additional graphical info, logs, etc);
  • Trading rules (the algorithm of trading system, indicator, script, etc.);
  • Settings, other information.

To order custom (your own) software:

  1. write description of your idea;
  2. send it to us by e-mail
    (We will estimate cost and time for development);
  3. discuss and accept cost and time of development;
  4. make prepayment (partial for large projects);
  5. get your product by e-mail.

By ordering custom development you will get:

  • fully developed and tested software (compiled version and source code (mql));
  • history test results (if required);
  • detailed documentation;
  • user manual;
  • all copyrights to intellectual property;
  • full privacy.

All developed software includes 3 month of support.
Developed software easily can be changed, extended or revised in future.

Note: After purchasing any of our products you can order any modification you need.
Note: By ordering software development, Customer should understand that FiboLab is developer of Customer’s own trading strategy and responsible only for the work of software according to determined rules by Customer.

Custom development information

FiboLab specializes in the solution development exclusively for finance markets (including Forex).
Due to specialization and accumulated experience, developed software has high level of quality.

Before development, during construction of the specification, we provide:

  • consulting, estimation and revision of strategy on its early stages (on idea stage, etc.);
  • pre-testing of ideas and algorithms by creating test advisors, indicators and scripts for technical analysis that allows determine the fidelity of the algorithms which are laying in the base of future software;
  • help in testing existing ideas and strategies;
  • detailed documentation.

All ideas, algorithms, source code (mql) and any other associated intellectual property belongs to the Customer.
Any kind of information provided by the Customer is confidential.

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