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About Us

Fibolab is research and development laboratory that works at the exchange market and specializes on creating trading indicators, expert advisers and scripts (for Metatrader platform) using well known theories and algorithms and its own.

Fibolab makes market investigation for testing existing and finding new algorithms to get new opportunities on stock market.

Fibolab also can makes changes on-demand in its own products to fit to customer’s trading strategy, or develop individual product based on customer’s strategy.

How to buy product

AlertPay / Moneybookres
  1. You should click the "AlertPay BuyNow" button below the selected product.
  2. If you have AlertPay account, you’ll log into AlertPay. If you donít, you should enter all payment information on a web page protected by AlertPay.
  3. You review and complete the purchase using AlertPay.
  4. You receive selected product by e-mail (specified in the payment information).


  1. Click the "liqpay" button next to the selected product.
  2. Click "Buy" button on appeared "Receiving Payment" page (step1).
  3. Enter your mobile number to receive password to get access next step (step2).
  4. Confirm entered information (step 3).
  5. Get transaction result (step 4).
  1. Calculate price in wmz (1$ = 1WMZ (+4 WMZ commission fee)
  2. Example: if you want to buy EA FlatCatcher for - you should send 99+4wmz = 103wmz
  3. Send payment to Z194533476289 wallet

Bank wire transfer

For receiving requisites (SWIFT, IBAN) for bank wire transfer please send us request.

How to order development

Easy way for develop custom (your own) Metatrader expert advisor for your trading system or Metatrader indicator simply follow next steps:

  1. write description of your idea;
  2. send it to us by e-mail
    (We will estimate cost and time for development);
  3. discuss and accept cost and time of development;
  4. make prepayment (partial for large projects);
  5. get your product by e-mail.

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