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Labeling forex script
Labeling forex script
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Labeling forex script

Labeling — it`s a script that sets labels to Trend lines and Horizontal lines according to their descriptions.

This script comes in two editions — standard (runs only once after it is started) and real-time (works constantly, monitors all lines of the chart to add a label to the line that user just added description to).

Labels take color and text angle from the host line and it is placed in the middle of it.

Text`s angles are set to certain values to provide better readability.

To let script set label to the line you want:

  • Select a line by double click;
  • Press right mouse button and choose “Trendline properties“ (or Horizontal line);
  • In opened window in the text field “Description“ write a text string that you want to see under the line and press “OK“ button.

If script Labeling is working (real-time edition) after a while new label will appear.

Otherwise run script Labeling manually.

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