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Expert Advisor Flat-Catcher
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2009 June
2008 July

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Expert Advisor Flat-Catcher

Normally traders gets profits from trend movement, but usually in 50-70% of time market is not going anywhere but moves in relatively short horizontal channel, so called "flat market" or "sideways market". High volatility with huge swings up and down in a short time period makes investing much more onerous and disproportionately less predictable.

To be able get profits from that market kind, we decided to develop system which could do that what traders hardly ever could: trade on flat (sideways) market 24 hours a day, and get profits to its owner, and leave pleasure of trend trading for trader.

A few examples of sideways markets:

On currency EUR/USD On CFD On Gold

We could provide you backtest results on forex market:
M15 EUR/USD (21-Aug-2009 - 07-Sep-2009): [Expert advisor work report]

This is how usual trade looks like:

expert advisor flat-catcher expert advisor flat-catcher

Expert Advisor Flat-Catcher Video

We made backtests with different lot size to provide better understanding future profits sizes.

Start deposit 00, minimal lot size is 0,1. Gross profit: >0 (3 day trading). >30% form start deposit.

Start deposit 0, minimal lot size is 0,01. Gross profit: 0 (11 day trading). 50% form start deposit.

Start deposit 000, minimal lot size is 0,1. Gross profit: ,000 (11 day trading). 50% form start deposit.

Expert Advisor Features
  • Automatic Lot sizing
  • Decreasing risk algorithms
  • Post-sale technical support
  • Trade up with any currency pairs at the same time with 100% independent money management (if you want you may set same money management for all currencies)
  • ECN 4 or 5 digit pricing all seamlessly handled
  • Future MT5 upgradeability
  • Advanced 2-stage money management mounts an aggressive defense against draw-down
  • 100% Indicator free, based on price action and support/resistance levels
  • Automatic and manual risks assessment
  • Supports trading in different time intervals (timeframes)
  Demo Single Unlimited
Autotrading yes yes yes
Automatic lot size yes yes yes
Risk management yes yes yes
Money Management yes yes yes
Different timeframes support yes yes yes
Future MT5 upgradeability no yes yes
ECN 4 or 5 digit pricing yes yes yes
Post-sale technical suppor 1 month 6 month unlimited
Accounts number demo accounts 1 unlimited
Price ,00 9,00 9,00

Additional info

Recommend minimal balance size for one currency pair:
lot size 0,01 - ,000
lot size 0,1 - ,000

Strong recommendation:
Before using products on live account test them on demo accounts, do back and forward tests.

Please note that FiboLab’s products are just tools. Support is able to give you only technical help in case technical problems with products. Before use, you should figure out how do they work. Support does not give advices or recommendations of how or where it is better to trade - it is only traders choice and responsibility.
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